LIVE classes for class VI to X to be conducted tomorrow at Peace Park Enclave.

Kidgenix UK

Develop Critical Thinking

Build Scientific Aptitude

Develop Logical Ability

What is Kidgenix ?

KIDGENIX is the pioneer in the field of Skill Enhanced Programs & Owing to constant creative search, improvement of own teaching methodologies, use of new technics and approaches in training we are holders of various awards and ranks. We are a team of Young & Experienced professionals, who have come together to live a quality life, by doing all our best in shaping the tomorrow’s world.

KIDGENIX started its operation with its 21 years of experience & come up with unique designed Skill Enhanced Programs and Syllabus which is helping students of the age group – 3 to 14 years, to calculate mental arithmetic calculations faster than a calculator just in few months and also witnessed power of brain.

A holistic approach to teaching and learning is important for the physical, emotional, intellectual creative, spiritual and social well-being of children.

What makes KIDGENIX truly distinctive

Building a strong foundation in numbers and Skill Enhanced Programs will unlock the future potential learning of all children. KIDGENIX makes it simple, fun and effective!

KIDGENIX seeks to promote a more engaging and active brain fitness for children by enriching visual learning.

Holistic Development

Every child can excel by unleashing the hidden potential within him/her. Through the systematic training approach at KIDGENIX children can fully realize their potential by activating both sides of their brain. By activating the power of both hemispheres, a child will be able to retain knowledge better and become proficient in any subject, especially math.

KIDGENIX Advantages

KIDGENIX has developed such Skill Enhanced Programs for the overall development of a Child. Advantage’s of KIDGENIX, Developing multiple intelligence and Scientifically designed curriculum for academic and non-academic streams.
Teacher + parents + child = Together we make a Difference

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